Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zenni Optical Review

In the Summer of 2006 I worked on a Horse Ranch as a camp counselor. Boy, do I miss that Summer. Anyway, during this time and for almost eight years prior I was a devoted contact lens wearer. However, I never wore my contacts correctly and often slept in them and when I took them out or put them in I never washed my hands. This and the crazy dust on the ranch resulted in the worst eye infection ever. I had ulcerated corneas in both eyes so bad that my eye doctor told me if I would have waited a few more weeks I would have begun to loose my eyesight. He also told me I would never be allowed to wear contacts again and if I did my eyes would be easily irritated. Upon hearing this, my eighteen-year-old self was not please.

GLASSES? ME? I didn't even wear glasses when I first found out I needed a prescription. I went straight to contacts. I was not a glasses kind of girl. Didn't dorks wear glasses? No, I was not a nerd! I was cool! This resulted in me being a very pouty and spoiled girl and picked out a pair of glasses that I was going to be "stuck with" my whole life. It took a few days and once I slipped those glasses on I became a different person. Now I was cool. I loved them so much and I wanted about ten different pairs in different colors. I took back everything I ever thought about someone who wore glasses. Then I realized that if I ever wanted a knew pair of glasses  I was going to have to shell out anywhere from $200-$500 every time. That was a mood killer.

Since 2006, I've owned one other pair of glasses. They're just too expensive and my lenses are a weird prescription, too. Until last Summer I overheard a classmate of mine in college telling someone else about how she got her glasses for $20. My radar went off and I knew I had to know how she did it! She told me about Zenni Optical. I went straight to my computer after class and looked them up to see if they were legit and they were. I could have squealed. But I was happy with my current glasses and just kept putting off ordering new ones.

Two weeks ago I buckled down and went through their glasses selection. I knew from experience what shape I liked and that I needed a full-rim and not a wire frame or half frame, although they have all of these options on there website. Upon first glance I noticed their easily navigatable sidebar and search options. I selected woman's glasses and full-rim and got almost 800 results. I went through and clicked on the ones I liked to see a enlarged view and if I thought I may like those, it was a snap to favorite them to view later. After I selected my favorite ones I finally decided on my new glasses. A pair of bright green ones for $29.95.


Gorgeous, right? How I could resist something so unique and funky? It screamed not me at all but I had to have them. And you know what else? For that great price of $29.95, which is almost $270 less than what I paid for my current ones, you get free anti-scratch coating and for only $9 you can get polycarbonate coated lenses(I opted out of this) and only $4.95 you can choose to get anti-glare lenses. I couldn't click on the anti-glare lenses fast enough. That was one thing I wanted so bad with my current glasses and it would have cost almost $100 extra. Yes, you read that right. As a starving college student you can see why I didn't choose them.

Well after inputting my prescription in, which you do need to know your pupilary distance but is easy to find if you don't know it, I hit submit and was told my glasses should be on their way in 2-4 weeks. Ouch. I was so sad because I wanted them now. But in one week I checked my mailbox and low and behold, they arrived! I pulled them out of their padded package and they came in a lovely hard shell case with a micorofiber cleaning cloth and put them on. I felt eighteen again! Rejuvenated! 

I loved them but I also loved the price and super fast processing and shipping time. And these glasses aren't made of cheap lightweight plastic. They're just as good of quality as my Calvin Klein frames. And if you don't have anti-glare lenses I can not stress to you the difference in your view. I didn't think it would make that big of a difference but it does. It feels like natural eyesight again. I have already updated my favorite list with them because they also carry sunglasses and swimming goggles at the same low prices. I already can't wait for my sunglasses to come in.

NOTE: This review and opinions are mine and based solely on my experience as a customer. I was not compensated for this review.

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