About Me

I'm Sarah! I'm a total goofball. This is pretty much the most important thing to know about me. Just kidding! No, but really, in case you wanted the nitty gritty details - here it goes. I'm twenty-four and a child at heart. I know when to be serious and I'm a hard worker who has serious control issues, with a splash of wit and a side of sassy. I've held a plethora of occupations, including trucking parts company office manager, camp counselor, ranch camp horseback riding instructor, kindergarten aide, after school teacher, infant room teacher, and now I'm currently fueling my creative bones at a pottery studio!

When I'm not attempting to be a blogger, I'm probably rounding up my crazy clan of dogs or adventuring around town with my husband. We have four dogs - Cupcake, Marshall, Peanut Butter Cup, and Two-Bit. Cupcake sounds familiar right? Oh yeah, we will get to that, soon. My amazingly talented other half, Indiana, and I got married July 12, 2009. We met in High School during my Junior year and our paths crossed again years later and I got a second chance to realize what I missed back then. Hubby happens to be very musically inclined and can play guitar and sings when he's in a good mood. We have completely different taste in music, but he pushes me to expand my taste, as well as to learn new instruments! Which is why I have a sparkly white drum set that I can now actually play. We're the perfect compliment to each others personalities, but we are human and go through our fair shares of hissy fits and make ups. When he's not being super, sexy musician husband, he's spending his time playing Army.

I like to pretend that I'm super crafty. Okay, I guess I probably am super crafty, but I don't want to toot my own horn here. I love to sew and I'm just getting into painting pottery. I can sew almost anything, but I never claimed it would be good or not take me forever! There has been many nights where I find myself crying because I have removed the same set of stitches twenty or more times. I hope in my sewing adventures to one day sew my future babies entire nursery set. As for painting...it's new and fun and something I'm still learning. I hope to one day paint my entire kitchen set. That would be super fun. Besides those two hobbies, I love to read. I got my Kindle Fire for my twenty-fourth birthday and I'm never turning back. Along with being a giant book nerd, I also have the side effects of being a super fan girl. I'm a big fan and advocate for cupcakes and I also have a minor obsession for rainbow everything.

Now that you've read my entire life story - cliff notes version, I'll get to what's probably your most unanswered question. Give it to Cupcake (she'll eat it) - a history lesson. Cupcake is one of our four dogs. You can see her over there with her tongue hanging out. Cupcake is a German Shepherd/Boxer mix. She is the smartest, most hyper, most crazy dog I have ever met. She can scale eight foot walls, catch birds out of mid air, and if you have a cookie, she will be your best friend. What she also has is a stomach of steel. You know Marley from Marley and Me? Yeah, she's Marley to the tee, times fifty. She eats everything. EVERYTHING. You leave it alone after you were interested in something. She ate it. This is some, and definitely not all of the things Cupcake has consumed. An entire high heel, a 3"x50" strip of carpet from the guest room, the corners of our window sills, a clay sculpture(which coincidentally was of a girl holding a giant cupcake), giant chunks of drywall, parts of her kennel, holes in most of my jeans and some of my shirts, laundry baskets, a whole bag of mini snickers, two pairs of my glasses, a giant whole into the guest beds mattress, tissues, two computer charger cords, so many phone charger cords I can't count, her siblings collars, hangers, a sock filled with rice, and our rain gutters. Like I said, this is just SOME of the stuff this dog has consumed. And these items make it seem like we leave all this stuff around her or she is left alone often. She's in her kennel when we're not home. And these things are on top of dresses, closets, etc. She can destroy something in the amount of time it takes to use the restroom. Have a I mentioned she can also jump the baby gate to the kitchen, open our fridge, jump back over, and eat what she stole? Yeah, she's a sneaky one. So I promise you, if you give it to Cupcake, she'll eat it. That line is the story of my life.


  1. Love it. You sound like fun and I love Cupcake. My lab could also eat almost anything. He ate his way though the wooden gate twice and got arrested both times. One time a neighbor threw a stick for him to chase him from her garden (did I mention he was a retriever), she had to call animal control because he thought he had a new best friend and would leave her along. The vet didn't even charge us when he ate his way out of a chain link cage, so we consider the lawn mower his worst crime. Look forward to following your blog.


    1. Thanks! I do love my Cupcake - she's one of a kind! Oh my gosh! It sounds like they would get along great. Thankfully Cupcake has yet to escape anywhere and get into trouble. The only trouble she gets into is the house! Thanks for following. I look forward to seeing you around!