Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom


Happy Birthday to the most beautiful women I know, my mom. Growing up, it was always my mom and I; we were best friends and still are. She was there for me when I wanted someone to play, to cheer me on when I didn't think I could keep going, to help me with my homework and fix my boo-boos when I was little. As I got older and I went through some "teenage angst" she may have secretly wanted to strangle me, but she always supported me in what I did. In honor of my mom's birthday, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments that we have shared together.

I will always remember my mothers painted nails. She had the most beautiful natural nails and they were always long and painted in bright colors. This also was not helpful in the Polly Pocket department when I used to beg her to play with me. Polly used to go flying across the room! Mom used to attempt to do my hair as well. I will never live down my 80's party bangs or the time she crimped all of my hair(bangs included) for my school picture. One of the passions we share is riding horses and the many hours in riding lessons and on the back trails were the best. I also was a "I-can-do-it-myself" child. I learned how to write my name, tie my shoes, and roller blade about five minutes after yelling at my mom to let me do it! Sorry, mom! I'll never forget the first text message my mom sent me and how long it would take her to send one back. Now she has a facebook and can text faster than I can! 

I used to think that I didn't resemble my mom in any way, by looks or in personality. Now I think I look just like my mom and I'm beginning to act like her too, but because she's one of the strongest women I know, I wouldn't want to be like any one else. I love you, Mom! Happy birthday. XOXO

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