Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trashcans and Washers and Tornados, Oh My!

If it's not one thing it's the other, right? I've experienced this in full force the past few weeks. Last week our washer decided it was the perfect time to go on the fritz. Boo. Especially when I needed to do laundry! Well, Hubby did a wonderful job of finding someone off of craigslist who came to our house Monday. He offered us a low quote for a new motor and then scooped ours up. He even left behind one of his other washers so I could finish my laundry. How awesome is that? He got it fixed the next day and dropped ours back off for the trade. After Hubby went to work(he's on nightshift now) I went downstairs to plug in the washer. And now the washer leaks from the water hose. Boo. So I have yet to finish the laundry and now we have to make a run to Lowes before this crazy weather hits.

Speaking of weather, I'm really over this Spring. Tornados are a-brewing here and everywhere else it seems! Thankfully we've not been hit too bad, but tonights storms are supposed to take the cake. Last night I was in the middle of cooking dinner when the sirens went off. I'm getting more fearless when it comes to the tornado warnings and one day I may blow away because I was "that person" who didn't go into the basement. Oops. It's just a hassle to get the animals downstairs because they don't get along. Cupcake has to go in a separate small kennel while the big kennel is covered with blanket so they don't see each other or else they will fight. Not good.

This trashcan is a whole different story! Our trash company recently got an online payment system. We tried this for our last payment and I guess something didn't go through and the trashman came and repo'ed our trashcan. But he did it in the most awful way. First he had to go through our gate into our backyard. Once he got the trashcan he proceeded to dump our trash in our backyard. Meanwhile, the girls were downstairs in their kennel and PB Cup, our 70+ pound German Shepherd busted through the latch and attempted to bust down the garage door to get to the trashman. Needless to say, Hubby called the trashman and let him know how he felt about the situation! Now we have a pretty pink trashcan in support of breast cancer research. Yay. I love it.

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