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I started this blog just for fun. And it's always going to be fun. There's going to be mostly book related post, but I promised myself to stay true to what I am - real. So I will be posting random musings of my life and experiences. I'm just a girl who loves to read and share my passions with other people.

With that said, I am always looking for books to read. If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review your book, please contact me. I will post my reviews here, as well as Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I have a five cupcake(or stars, but cupcakes are just much more fun) rating system. I'm fun and quirky, so be prepared for that to show through in my reviews. I have a big heart, and it takes a lot for me to honestly admit that I didn't enjoy a book(this has only happened once - ONCE!), but if it comes to that, I will contact you directly. There will never be a mean spirited review here, unless for some random reason you are all for that. Which in that case, it'll be up for the world to see!

Have I tickled your fancy, yet? I have? GREAT! Here's a little more info on how I review books.

 I accept review requests from self-published authors, indie authors, and small publishers.

I'm generally pretty open to all genres of books. I have a rule that I'll try and give everything a chance. I usually enjoy Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance(Oh yeah, I have to share the romance love), Contemporary, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.
The only genre I won't accept flat out, is non-fiction. However, If you have questions about if your book fits into these categories, send me a quick email and ask! I'm pretty easy to please.

Acceptable formats would be print - either paperback or hardcover, or books formatted for a Kindle.

I also enjoy having guest posts, holding giveaways, doing cover reveals, and conducting interviews! My love for reading does not stop once the books ends. It goes far beyond that. I enjoy supporting authors and spreading word about their work. Please don't hesitate to contact me and discuss any ideas that you may have. 

Facebook: Sarah Jones

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