Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring.

Tennessee weather is one of a kind I think. As hubby says, "If you don't like the weather - wait five minutes." I used to laugh at this when I first moved here. Today, I'm not laughing. It was so rainy and nasty today when two days ago it was a record breaking 92*! Last Monday we had tornado warnings all day long. Which means spending a lot of time in the closets at work.

Now, growing up in California, we don't have tornado warnings. Earthquakes - yes. I can do a duck and cover drill in five seconds flat. Now, I guess I should mention I have a slight irrational fear of natural disasters/end-of-the-world type events. Some would say I'm a little neurotic. I say I'm prepared. My first tornado warning I had only been living in Tennessee for about 3 months. After experiencing the crazy fluke snow(but that's a whole different story), one night it was thundering and lightening and in the midst of that the rumbling and tumbling(which I may or may not have cried the first time I heard real thunder), I hear the most obnoxious wailing of sirens in our backyard.

I know the look on my face must have been one of horror by the laughs I heard coming from hubby. I ran outside to listen to what these sirens were wailing about when I realized I should run into a closet, hallway, bathtub, basement....something! I can tell you I was expected to open my door and see the funnel right there with the Wicked Witch flying by. I just knew we were going to be swept up and land in Oz. Hubby calmed me down, told me to grab the dogs, a flashlight, and some water. And he told me some of the best advice in case of a natural disaster, "You should change out of your pajama pants and into jeans....You know, just in case something really does happen." All I could think was Really?? We're about to be swept away in tornado and you're worried about my pants?

And then it happened - Hail. I've watched the movies. I've seen the TV shows. Hail means you're at the center of the storm and to take shelter immediately! I looked at hubby and dragged him down the stairs to our garage/basement and we just sat on our backyard swing with the dogs in their big kennel. It kept hailing and the wind picked up and Hubby looks at me and starts to cover me with himself and say, "Are you ready? This is the big one. This is it." And I cried. I knew it! And then he sits up and starts laughing. "Just kidding!" Thank goodness I love him to pieces and I could eventually laugh at myself.

This the ways of Springtime here. But so it's awful rain drivers(yes, worse than California) and allergies. Yuck.

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