Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hey Good Looking

Well, this is just going to have to be the awkward first post! Most of you will already know me and if you don't then "Hey!" My husband and I both grew up in California and our crazy adventures has brought us to Tennessee. We have three beautiful dogs - Cupcake, Peanut Butter Cup, and Two-Bit, a brand new kitten - Frankenstein (Frankie), and a Ball Python. Our house is already a zoo and we're ready to welcome some crazy rugrats into it! 

I've always wanted to share things that I make, things that we do, and ideas that I have in a blog and I'm just going to buckle down an do it! I have a lot of recipes I can't wait to add and a few more I can't wait to experiment with.

Here's to a brand new blog and a brand new adventure! Oh, and here's a picture of us on our wedding day, just for kicks!

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