Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change Part II

What an eventful day. Not only did I change my first cloth diaper butt; I also bought my first two cloth diapers! Hubby and I headed over to Butzie Covers at around 10 am. Now first, I want to brag about my Hubby for a second. He’s always so supportive of me and my decisions. When I first brought up wanting to cloth diaper our future children, he agreed right away, even though the only thing he knew about cloth was that they were made of cloth and cheaper. I was taken aback that I didn’t even have to explain myself, he just agreed! And when I told him about The Great Cloth Diaper Change, he even sounded excited to go! But on the way there he made the comment, “But I don’t even know how to change a cloth diaper! What am I going to do?” This made me smile, but I reassured him I didn’t sign him up. I told him that this event would probably only take about an hour. Well, amazing Hubby stood around for more than two hours and didn’t complain a peep. In fact, he even smiled the whole time. Did I mention how incredibly lucky I am?

The main event was exciting.  Since I don’t have my own little baby booty, I got to change a baby booty that belonged to someone else. I was introduced to Carolyn & her son Tyler, my cloth booty! Which might I add; he was the sweetest and cutest little boy. Everyone scrambled around before the actual change, and I made my first cloth diaper purchases. I bought the Charlie Banana Earth Day diaper and a super cute white and green star Kawaii. Then came to actual time to set the world record. Everybody had to leave the room and we entered back inside in number order and instructed to sit in our assigned box on the floor. Tyler saved a good diaper for me too. Yup, you guess it….POOP! But that’s okay because I did it! We had to hold up our cloth butts before the change for pictures and then after the change. Did you know taking picture of naked baby butts is considered child pornography? Me either, but it makes sense! Which is why no pictures were taken during the event.

After the Great Change I spoke with some of the ladies around me about which diapers they liked the best. They were so great and helpful. I also got to chat after when we got to each some yummy cupcakes from The Cupcake Collection about home births. Hubby is very nervous about this subject, but he says it’s just nerves about me giving birth in general. One woman I spoke with had an unassisted home birth. Women who do this are warriors! I would be way too nervous, but it gives me a good feeling knowing that I could do it. I’m hoping once I find a midwife it will calm Hubby and our families nerves.
This was one of the highlights of this year for me. I was nervous I would going to be the odd man out with no baby, but after things started flowing, I don’t think anyone noticed. I loved being able to walk around a bunch of baby wearing mama’s and mama’s nursed their babies right there! It was inspiring. I also meant to take a picture of the sign that said “Please feel free to feed your babies when and how you want!” So comforting to see nursing in public welcome, accepted, and encouraged! I also got one of the sweetest goody bags I’ve even received!


 I have to throw this out there – If you live in the Clarksville area, please go visit Butzie Covers. That place is heaven. Goldie the owner was so sweet and helpful, even when things were getting a little intense! I can’t wait to go back and stock up on some more diapers among other things. I’ve been learning towards to prefold with cover option with a little influence from a close friend, but I also wanted to get a few of the different ones out there, just to see what I like! Bring on the babies, now!!


  1. I saw this posted on the GCDC facebook site. Glad you and you husband had fun! Welcome to the additive world of cloth diapering. My daughter is almost 8 months old and we've really enjoyed using cloth. There were about 60 parents and their babies at our event yesterday here in VA!

  2. @FrizzyMom Yay I'm so glad you found this! Thanks!! I can't wait to finally have a little bean to diaper. It's already addicting!! Yay! =) It was so fun to see all the mamas at our here in TN. We had 41, I believe. I can't wait to see the grand tally!

  3. @Sarah Ashley

    this is the only way i can comment. hmmm, your blog is cutting off the capatcha bar. like, i can see the words but can't reach the bar to type them in.

    what a cool event. seriously, i wish they had something like that in my area...we wanted to cloth diaper but it's just one more thing to have to figure out/research when you're pregnant or a new parent. stressful! something like this would have really helped me out.

  4. @allie Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. I tried a new html to get a "reply to" comment option, but it may have messed things up. That is the one thing I want and can't figure out. =(

    They did this all over the word! Malaysia even. =) Yes I agree! I was lucky to be around it for a while and now I have many people who are cloth diapering before me, so I know who to run to!! But hey, it's never too late ;)