Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I made it. I turned twenty-three. What a celebration! Just kidding. As much as I love other peoples birthdays I have never really been a big fan of my own. I like to celebrate with family and friends, but since being married, I'm partial to a couples dinner at the restaurant of my choice. Last year I chose Hooters. What can I say I love their chicken? Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't mess around when it comes to spicy chicken wings/strips. Yummy. This year I didn't even decide until I got off of work!

But I made the decision. Outback Steakhouse it was. I spoiled myself and even ordered an alcoholic beverage! I know, right? I asked for the fruitiest thing one their menu ended up with some rum, mango, strawberry concoction which wasn't half bad. For dinner it was 9 ounce of steak, a loaded sweet potato and loaded backed potato(no chive, ew). It was fantastic! We got there with perfect timing and got seated right away. Although our waitress forgot our bread(bummer!) we still had a good time.

Another thing to know about me, I hate when large groups of people sing happy birthday to me. It's so awkward. I always feel like, "What am I supposed to be doing right now?" I don't know where to put my hands, if I should smile, if I should laugh, or if I should just stand there. What do I do? Yet, Hubby decided to tell our lovely waitress it was indeed my birthday we were celebrating. I immediately piped up with "No, please don't sing!" The Hooters waitress last year was nice enough just for her to sing to me. This year, I thought I could win the sympathy of our waitress again and thought I actually did when we were finishing dinner.

And then the clapping began. And it continued to get closer and closer. And then I had about 6 not-so-happy-faces looking at me like, "Really lady? You want us to sing this again?" Now what do I do? These aren't even people I know, but I know they're tired of singing this stupid birthday song. And as quickly as it began it was oven and the huge plate of ice cream sundae they left me sure made up for my awkward birthday moment.

I would say I was spoiled again this year. Hubby got me some beautiful flowers with candy and a giant mylar balloon. Last year we kept the balloon tied to one of our kitchen chairs and it stayed floating well into the Summer. I feel a tradition coming on. I also got some other giftys but I'm waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I can't wait.

All joking aside -- I'm happy to make it to another birthday with the man I love, friends who I appreciate, and family who is happy and healthy. Life is good.

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