Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Adventure Lake Trip

The lack of posting going on here is making me sick. Can we fix that? Okay, so maybe it's not the lack of posting making me sick but something sure is. My, to put it nicely, stomach problems, is continuing for the past week now and I think the toilet may start growing to me. I'm not sure what is going on because I feel fine, not sickly at all, but then I must run to the bathroom, more than once. I've been following the BRATY diet - bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, and yogurt - but it's without fail that the dreaded feeling comes back. This diet is also making it hard for me to continue with my healthy eating, but I'm really trying. Although I've been cheating a little it, I'm happy for announce I've already lost 5lbs. Isn't that amazing? I'm pretty excited because that is motivation for me. 

Since I haven't been feeling too hot, Hubby took me this weekend to a great place a few hours from us in Kentucky, Lake Malone. It's posted that you can't swim, but apparently, that just means we said no swimming if you get caught, because everyone swims. I was a little chicken at first, I'll admit. The idea of hanging out in water that I can't see through it a little creepy to me. But it was so hot, that I gave it. And then I never came out. We brought Cupcake and PB Cup on separate days, and both of them enjoyed to water. I couldn't get pictures the second day because I......broke Hubby's camera. Yeah, I got a fancy waterproof case and everything. Then I slipped on the rocks and jammed to lens. ACK. He's not upset, but I am. Which proves to me I shouldn't chance my fancy camera by the water.

The first day with Cupcake was only her second time in the water. She was not so sure what to do. We have to pull her in most of the time. And she got shown up by a few other dogs who just jumped right in. But that's okay, because I love her anyways. She was SO hot that she ended up giving in a few times and just sitting in the water with me. 
I also met the Cicada's for the first time ever. We don't have these in California. And they're LOUD. Apparently these little suckers only come out every thirteen years, so I'm happy for that one. They were dive bombing the water and floating next to me. The ground was covered in them. Yuck.  This one especially loved my towel. Apparently they are "generally harmless." Unless of course they mistake your limb as a tree and try to bite you. It's painful to humans but not harmful. I just decided it was best to steer clear of them and then battle them out in thirteen more years.
 I've also decided after this swim trip I am going to get that bathing suit I've been wanting for a year now. It's expensive, but gorgeous. And if I haven't changed my mind yet, I should spoil myself and get it, right? Right!

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