Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celebration of Life

I didn't get to post much about our kitty, Frankie. Now I wish I had. As if feeling ill wasn't bad enough, Frankie passed away Friday morning. Unfortunately, it was one of our own dogs that did it. I guess you may need some background information before you understand the situation completely. We have to sets of dogs - Peanut Butter Cup and Two-Bit, and then Cupcake. All three of our girls used to get along just fine until one day they snapped. I guess it's common when you have all female dogs, but it's still heartbreaking for us. It has been over a year now and they still cannot be together. We work with them but it just seems to be something that has snapped inside of them. They fight. And they don't just fight they will fight to the death. It hurts my heart to know they will never get along again, but we love them all so much.

Que Frankie. Frankie showed up one night as a little kitten meowing his head off on our front porch. We brought him inside and I loved him, but knew we just couldn't keep him. We went around the neighborhood and asked if anyone knew who he belonged to, but no one knew. He had to have been someones pet because he was just too perfect. Him and Cupcake instantly got along. They slept together, played together, and ate together. They loved each other. He was so sweet, loved to play outside, but came inside to sleep with us at night. Hubby and I marveled over how lucky we got that this awesome cat chose us. Hubby had been wanting a kitten for some time, but I always put my foot down, saying Cupcake would not like a cat or we didn't have to room.

The night Frankie passed, he must've slipped right outside before we let the other two girls, PB Cup and Two-Bit, outside for their last trip before bed. That was it. The girls did what they naturally do as dogs and got Frankie before we could. It hurts inside to know our own animals did this, but I still love them. They didn't try to kill him on purpose, but Frankie had no chance. We buried him that morning in the back of our garden where he wouldn't be disturbed by any other animals. I've been crying for a long time over this. If you know me, you know that our animals are our babies. I love each and every one of them. And this situation was particularly hard for me to handle.

But now I'm trying not to be sad and try to celebrate the few months we got to have with him. We've already decided to get another kitten/cat for Cupcake. She knows something is not right. She sniffs all the spots he would hang out in and knows he's in the garden. When you know your animals well, you can tell. Frankie chose us and I couldn't thank him more for that. He gave us laughs and we gave him a loving home and lots of love. He showed Cupcake she could have another friend, even a cat. He is missed in our hearts and will be thought of often. But now, we have one more little kitten angel up there to greet us later on in life. We love you Frankenstein.

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