Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012!

With just hours to spare, I had squeaked by and made it to my yearly reading goal. Did I even think when I was younger that I would be spending New Years Eve speed reading books with a glass of wine? No, I did not! However, I can't complain. What's better than spending my time with a pack of wolves? Okay, maybe actually spending time with them and not just in my head. Can you guess what I finished off the year reading?

I had already finished Prince of Wolves and read right through Blood Rite, Just One Drop, and Out of the Dark by Quinn Loftis. I did enjoy this series very much! I felt like it was written more for teens, but I do realize it is YA. And I did truly enjoy the story, even though I still have one more book to read. You can't deny a hot Romanian prince. You can't say no to him! After finishing these three books, it brings me to a grand total of...

25, 243 PAGES READ!

WOW!  I actually made it. It feels so good! Last year I was really bummed I fell just a few hundred pages short of reaching my goal, but I was so incredibly busy, there was just no time to even crunch a last book in. So what will be my goal for next year? Obviously I have the UtopYA 2013 Challenge going on, where I pledged to read thirty books. That's at least 10,000 pages, give or take. And I feel like this year is really going to be a year where I take full advantage of being a reader. So, lets just go big or go home. 


Oh yeah, you read that right. I said go big or go home....that's why I threw in the curve ball of the extra page. I like last year that I actually included my pages read goal into my New Years resolutions and I made resolutions that were actually obtainable. I'm pretty notorious for starting something and not following through, so I have some new resolutions for 2013, as well as continuing on the traditions from 2012.

1. Don't give up on this blog. I hadn't planned on it, so don't fret here readers. But I need to be held responsible in times that I feel like giving up. So I want to blog at least once a week but aim for twice a week if I can. If you don't see me post for a few days, come holler at me and I'll be here. Don't let me down!
2. Read at least 30,001 pages. 
3. Try something new every month. This should be a fun one, right? Especially since I can share it with you guys. I haven't talked about it yet, but I have pretty bad anxiety, so trying new things doesn't always come easy for me. But that's the beauty of a resolution, right? 

There you have it, folks. I feel very blessed and excited to have only been blogging again for a few days and have already received a wonderful response and great comments. I really do appreciate them. I can't wait to keep up with this new journey in 2013. Hopefully it won't be too much of a crazy ride. But knowing me, you can except at least half that much! See you next, year! 

I'll leave you with this not so fantastic picture of Cupcake. She's been tired of me logging hours on the computer the past few days and pretty much demanded my attention by putting her face on the laptop. She's lucky she's so cute, I tell you.

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