Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sucked me in Sunday #4

This week I have a video for you that I already shared on my personal Facebook, but it's just to awesome to pass up posting for today. I'm a The Vampire Diaries FANATIC. I mean, I'm one of THOSE people. You think I fan girl hard over books, it's a whole different level for this TV show. Which, by the way, I'm team Damon and if you're team Stephan, you better be really awesome to make up for the awful sissy lala you go to bat for. Anyway, this video showed up on my YouTube suggested video and it's perfect. It's exactly how I watch this show every Friday(we don't have cable to I have to wait until Friday!).

WARNING: This may contain spoilers, so if you get your panties in a bunch about not knowing what happens(this was made during this current season) just don't watch. Or better yet, get caught up and then you can enjoy the silliness!

So tell me, do you guys shout at the TV like this? Here are some of the ones I've totally thought in my head. "Who is this Katherine?" "Crap this town has a fudge load of official gatherings." "Stop friggen whining Jeremy!" "Guys that is not Elena!" "Are you kidding me right now Stephan?" "NEVER LET ME GO NEVER LET ME GO." "JEREMY get to beep back into the motel room!"

Here's a little something I got in the mail this week. Why yes, that is signed by Ian Somerhalder. And why yes, it does sit on my nightstand next to my husbands pictures. Can't have too many hot guys on your nightstand, right? Oh boy! 

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